Driven hunts

Driven hunts are organized in accordance with the traditional hunt setting (display of bagged game, medals, diplomas).

For a special request, we also assure the participation of horn blowers. Driven hunts are organized with a series of beats/drives (6 - 9 beats a day). We provide transport on the hunting ground throughout the day of hunt. The battue (a group of drivers) includes only the hunters of the given hunting area.

We ensure participation of properly trained hunting dogs (mostly continental hound breeds and various terriers) for every day of hunting.

During breaks in hunting, hunters are served with a hot meal and coffee or tea. Driven hunts are organized mostly for boars (including big tuskers), red deer hinds and fawns, roe deer does. Stag shooting is possible after individual acceptation - depends on a place of hunt. Hunting season 01.10 - 15.01. The payment can be arranged in two ways: lump sum and according to the price list. 

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