Roe bucks hunting

We organize roe buck hunting in two separate seasons: from the 11th of May (opening of the hunting season) and at the end of July and at the beginning of August (oestrus, rutting season).

Our hunting grounds are perfectly prepared for foreign visitors. The hunting methods include: stalking or stationary hunting from a raised hide - depending on the hunter's fitness and preference.

Only professional hunters, who as a rule hunt in hunting clubs, can perform the function of a hunting guide.

We organize hunts in Western Pomerania, where you can find the greatest number of big game in Poland. Hunting schedules here are always rich and the trophies taken on our hunting grounds qualify for numerous medals and make it into record books. Accommodation is provided in the middle of the hunting ground, night accommodation is of high standard.
The payment can be arranged in two ways: fixed price or according to the price list. 

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