Red deer hunting

The European red deer is an indisputable king of the Polish forest.

Western Pomerania is a true sanctuary for the greatest number of red deer as compared to the rest of the country (1st place: Western Pomerania 23 291 pcs., 2nd place: Mazuria (Mazurian Lakeland) 15 673 pcs., 3rd place: Greater Poland 14 623 pcs., data for the end of 2013).

The most spectacular hunts for this majestic animal are organized during the peak of the rut (beginning of September). During each stalk the roar of even up to a dozen stags can be heard. Hunting guides know the exact places where deer can be found, hence, each outing is of highest efficiency and increases the chances of success in finding a desirable trophy.

Accommodation is provided in the middle of the hunting ground, night accommodation is of high standard. Meals are prepared in accordance with the Polish cuisine.

The payment can be arranged in two ways: fixed price or according to the price list. 

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